Animation and Illustration are bound within a hand and a soul.
  • Looking through for inspiration.

  • One down, Four to go. Saying that I’ll probably do some more tweaks once I have the other band members done. 

    Such a great band, only discovered them last year but a great inspiration. 

  • youcoucou:

    Totoro <3

    Art of youcoucou

    Folow me :


  • Thought I’d give it a go with trying a landscape with snow, I’m feeling pretty happy about it actually. Some of it was happy accidents but I’m learning every time I move the Wacom pen.

    The top version was my initial attempt. But it was rubbish, so I did another version keeping the sky as that was the part that I liked. There is still something missing, but I don’t know what.

  • My bad attempt at doing a GIF. I’m gonna redo it after lunch! So I’m gonna classify this as a WIP.

  • And I’ve done another. Just can’t help myself when I have a day off!

    I think there’s parts that I need to improve but I think looking at it with fresh eyes will help!.

  • So as I’ve practised my Digital Painting, I’ve began to visualise things differently. Therefore re-illustrated my Hansel and Gretal Cupcake house.

    I think there’s something missing but I’m pretty happy with it for now. 

  • A digital illustration as requested by Bethany. You can find her Tumblr here. She was totally adorable to draw.

    Let me know if any of you folks want one. It roughly took me 2 hours to do.

  • So I may be a Swiftie but I do also have pangs for Marilyn Manson. Weird I know…but I can’t help it. I love most kinds!

    This has a mixture of all of his statements put into one. I could help but put a cheek tint, I did make it a blood red though. 

  • I think your art is so awesome!! I saw that you said if anybody wanted a painting to ask you?? If you were still offering I would love to be art-ified😄

    Aw thank-you, that’s very sweet of you. You’re the first person to ask me this!….and to tell me it’s awsome ^_^.

    Send me a pic and I’ll do my best! :)

  • So I can’t help but notice that everyone is getting married and popping kids…I’m not hating. But I couldn’t help but think this…I guess you could say I’m one of those ‘career driven types’.

    (P.S. I have a boyf of 5 years so I’m not jelly!)

  • Guess who?  

    I’m just gone shake it off, shake it off!…Taylor Swift

  • Another digital illustration inspired (I say inspired…it was meant to be but I it didn’t quite work out…I still tried!) by Girl’s Got a Face like Murder…I don’t know her name from the top of my head…but if I did I think that would classify as stalking…